Friday, May 23, 2008

Our Schedule

So I know I haven't blogged in a while, I have been sitting here thinking about what to write. So i decided many of you that don't have triplets might be curious to see what our daily schedule might be like. So here we go.

7:00 am we all wake up. I bring one by one down the stairs normally Blaine first then Collin and then Gracie. I change diapers and place them in a swing or a bouncy.
We play for about and hour then they get there bottles.

Gracie- 6 oz
Blaine- 8 oz
Collin- 7 oz

After they are done eating I place them in the numerous toys we have for them.

After about an hour of playing & yelling. Its time for a nap. They sleep for about 2 hours and that's when I try to get some stuff done around the house. 11:00am I wake them if they are not already awake talking in there cribs. Again bring one by one down the stairs change diapers and time for there solid food. They normally get a fruit with some kind of cereal in it. Once again it is time to play.
12:00pm is bottle time. After bottles They again play for an hour or just chill in there chairs with some toy in hand.
Around 1:00 it is nap time again. This is when I take the time to relax and catch up on my shows that recorded the night before. I do also make there bottles for the next day.
Around 2:00-2:30 they wake up and again play. 4:00 is bottle time. Around the time they finish bottles Daddy walks in the door. He around 4:30-5 helps me take them upstairs for there last nap of the day which is about an hour long.
6:00 We go upstairs and bring them down for there solids. They normally get a Veggie and a fruit of some sort.
They play for a while around 7:00 we bath them if its bath night which is every other night. By the time we are done with baths its there 8:00 Bottle and off to bed we all go.
By bed time I am exhausted I pick up the toys and clutter from the day, And sit my butt on the couch. We are in bed by 10:00 and the next day its starts all over.

This is the amount of food we go threw a day with them.

Here is a ruff estimate on how many bottles I have made since they were born

This is a really rough estimate on how many diapers we have gone threw.
I averaged this about 17 diapers a day