Thursday, June 26, 2008

Just an update

Life is getting so busy. The babies are growing so fast. They are all sitting up and Gracie and Blaine are Crawling. They had there 9 month check up a little over a week ago. They are all doing great and they are all right on track. We started giving them finger foods. It is so entertaining to watch them. Gracie actually picks it up and eats it. Blaine will pick it up and chew on it and then spit it out. Collin will put one piece in his mouth and gag. He will not shut his mouth until what ever it is dissolves or he spits it out. They are all so different.

I have nights where U just wish I could go crawl in there cribs with them and snuggle and sleep with them. My husband calls me crazy. Its funny because some nights I cannot wait for them to go to bed just to so we can relax. But by the time we go to bed I miss them like crazy.

On another note today my husband and I went to the hospital do to something that happened to my knee about 3 weeks ago. I woke up one day and my knee was hurting. A few days after that it was swelling. It has only gotten worse since so today I decided to get it taken care of. Well I was told that my Meniscus is inflamed. That is the joint under my knee cap. It takes up to 6 weeks to heel if it is taken care of properly. I have to wear a knee immobilizer. Yeah right I hope that i am able to function with this thing on my leg. all I can do is try to take it easy. That taken it easy is not in my vocabulary.

Well until next time

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Comments when we go out in public

So I thought I would write about all the rude and great things we here when we go out in public. We either feel like a freak show or like celebrities. So here are some of the rude things we get, and the responses we normally give.

*Are they Natural:

Well obviously they are not plastic.

*Did you take fertility pills:

We normally just tell people there spontaneous, But inside i am thinking Why does it matter how they were conceived.

*Are they Twins:

Nope there are 3 of them which would make them Triplets

*Are they all Boys:

I just point to the highly PINK car seat Gracie is sitting In.

I know this doesn't sound like a rude Comment but I get so SICK of hearing You have your hands full. We here it about 100 times when we are out and about. It just gets extremely old. Like we don't already know that we have our hands full.
I normally just say Our hands are full of blessings.

* Are they born on the same day:
or are they the same age:

Triplets normally are.

* Glad its you and not me:

Me To obviously you couldn't handle it.

*I feel sorry for you:

Well don't. I feel sorry that your weren't blessed with such a wonderful thing.

I truly cannot believe the nerve of some people. I am sure there are some I am leaving out but these are the ones that get to us the most.
Now for the positive.

* You are so blessed

* They are all adorable, Cute ETC....

Yep that's about it for the Positive. Its amazing to me that the first thing that comes to peoples mind is always something rude. I guess I just have to tell myself that they don't know any better and that it is always shocking to see triplets.