Saturday, July 19, 2008


The babies are amazing me everyday with all that they learn new. We have started to read different books to them each day and they love it. They watch you so intently. I also put on a baby Einsteins movie for them while they eat there morning Cheerios. They Crack me up, watching them be so very involved in a little movie. Its amazing to me that they are 10+ months because they seem so much older with there BIG personalities.

Gracie- She is a firecracker! She definitely thinks she is the dominate one. If her brothers have a toy and she wants is, She will get it. She is very demanding, but yet so independent. Her hair is growing so fast. Some days she wakes up with the greatest bedhead.

Blaine- He is such a lover. He will definitely be our cuddler. He is starting to dance to music. Which by the way makes my heart smile. His smile can melt a complete strangers heart. He is getting his 2 top teeth in and surprisingly taking it very well.

Collin- He is our goofball. He has this crazy laugh going that sounds like woody the woodpecker. He claps at everything and giggles to the touch. He loves his baths and going swimming. He is like his father when it comes to sleeping. I have to wake him up every morning or who knows how long he will sleep.

On another note! I had to make a hard decision to get rid of one of our dogs. My heart still hurts over this. He was starting to get nippy at the kids and I couldn't take the chance at him biting one of them. It still doesn't make it easy. He was my dog for 5 years and I feel like I gave up one of my kids. Its been a week now and its still not getting easier. I wish I could just get past it! :(

Aaron and I are getting ready to celebrate our 2nd Anniversary. Very excited and I am still madly in love with him. He is such a wonderful father and despite that he drives me crazy at times he has been a great husband. 1 month and 1 day after our anniversary it will be the babies 1st Birthday. WOW I can't believe it 1 already. Time flies by too fast.

"Learn to be patient and cherish every minute"