Thursday, February 12, 2009

IMO Octomom

Alright.with all the controversy surrounding the Octuplet mom, I have decided to blog my opinion. Everyone seems to ask me about her or compare me to her. First of all I have Triplets NOT octuplets!!!
I think that this women is a NUT job!! She obviously needs some sort of mental help.
I think that the Doctor put her and these babies in a extreme amount of Danger, by placing all these embryos back. I went through IVF and personally think that Doctors should educate the parents more about the risks of a multiple birth. I am not saying that some don't at all, but from my personal experience I was told it is high risk and that's it. I knew nothing about TTTS, Pre-E and all the other things that could happen during a high risk pregnancy. This Doctor obviously is money greedy and didn't care about her and these babies..
From the very little I have seen, She loves her kids, but is in absolute LA LA Land. You cannot support your kids by giving them love. They need more! She said she will be able to support these children after she finishes school.. How in the F@#K is she going to finish school with 14 kids. I can barely Pee with 3 kids..
I do feel sorry for all the residents in California that will have to pay for these babies. But if they don't, Who will? These babies are hear and deserve to be provided for.
I had a friend call me last night, She started going off about this and then proceeded to tell me that these babies are not blessings from God that they were blessings of a Doctor. I was blown away. I then asked her if that meant that my children were not blessings from god. She tried to back track, and at that point she already had me boiling..
I do not agree that these 8 babies were brought into the world, But I also don't agree that they are any less blessing from god because they were conceived through IVF. I think that it is an absolute Miracle they are all healthy and doing great.

So to conclude my thoughts. I believe this is so controversial because people are just concerned about the lively hood of these babies. So ask yourself this: If these babies were born to a wealthy husband and wife that had 4-6 previous children and were great parents, Would everyone still be in such and uproar?

I could go on and on, but I won,t. If you would like to leave your oppinion please leave a comment and do so..


J Adams said...

I agree with your post whole heartedly. This whole situation with this mother is SO sad. It is the children (all 14 of them) that my heart goes out to. You asked if she was rich and married if the situation would be different. Of course it would be different. They would have the means to care for these children. Did you see the interview on dateline? This woman does not seem stable. She has had tons of plastic surgery. How in the world can one person care for 8 babies alone? Let alone 6 other small children. How does a single woman pay for all this plastic surgery and all the IVF's she has had? On dateline they said she had also had several miscarriages. So, she has had more then 6 IVF's. Most couple can not afford it once. And how does one pay for 14 kids without a job? How would you work with 14 kids? You could not afford to pay a babysitter. What babysitter would watch 14 children. This case just brings up SO many questions that there is no good answers for. Sorry to ramble in your comments but this whole situation is so sad. Are the babies a blessing from God? Absolutely! It is just the situation and circumstances that are are so sad and completely unethical.

Greekmom said...

Hi. I found your blog quite by accident while visiting someone else, and so on.
Anyways, having triplets myself, I pretty much completely agree with you on this whole 'octomom' thing. It drives me crazy..she seriously has issues. People that know we have triplets bug us about her all the time, asking what we think about it. I usually just keep my mouth shut but it is so frustrating when people compare us to her.
I don't have any ill feelings towards any of the 14 kids, they didn't ask for a mother like that.
But I refuse to support/condone that lady's action.
Love the blog. take care
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Jaime said...

I'm glad to hear that I'm not the only one who gets compared to the OCTOPUS! Your children are just darling. I've stopped by a few times before but thought I'd leave a comment this time.

shannonf said...

I must say she is a nut job and yes what the doctor did is wrong he should never have endangered those poor babies and the mother.

The babies however are perfect beautiful gifts from god...