Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Beginning

Well where should I start? My Name is LeAnn and I have a wonderful husband whos name is Aaron. We met 12 years ago when we were both in our teens. We dated for short time. He then moved back to California and I never heard or spoke with him. Until one day a mutual friend was speaking to him on the phone so I decided to say hello. We then spoke once or twice a year. I never really considered us ever being together. Our lives were in different places. Then on august 1st 2005 he came to Colorado to Visit his family and friends. He was planning on staying at our mutual friends house. The morning he arrived he called me to say hello. So i drove over there and we sat and talked for a couple hours. From that point on I new that he was the one. He stayed the week at my house and i decided the i would be Moving to Las Vegas where he presently was living. I couldn't see my life going on with out him. So September 22cnd 2005 i packed up and drove all night to Vegas never to return to Colorado to live again. A little over a year later we were Happily married. All My friends in Colorado said it wouldn't last and i would be back in Colorado in 6 months later. Well here it is over 2 years later and I am still madly in love with him and we have 3 Beautiful Children now.

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