Saturday, January 26, 2008

Being negative takes more energy then it does to be positive.

I was just reading a fellow Triplet Moms blog and she had a very rude person who left a very mean comment. It made me so angry. How do people think they have the right to judge others.
This person stayed anonymous, which by the way is weak. If your going to speak up have the guts to say who you are. They proceeded to tell her that doing invitro was intervening with Gods path. Well anonymous put your self in all the women's shoes who have been told we cannot have children. It is the most heart breaking thing a women could ever hear. Unless you have been through that you will never understand. Let me tell you about my story. When I was told I could not conceive on my own, It felt like my heart was ripped out of my chest I wanted so bad to be a mommy and here those little words come out of a child's mouth. All I could think about for days was that I will never experience the joys of being pregnant, giving birth or holding such a beautiful little angel in my arms. My dreams of having a family were crushed. It took my husband and I a while to explore our options. The things that women have to go through, all the shots and hormones and Doctor appt. is not an easy thing.So I give major Kudos to any women who ever went through that. It is all worth it. Does any women go into it wanted Triplets? I sure didn't, to be honest with you the thought of it scared the Shit out of me. I am not a religious person but I do know that things happen for a reason. They would not of descovered the technologies for IVF if it wasn't meant to be. Do all the people in the world have the right to be parents absolutely not but there are so many great people in this world that do deserve to be BLESSED with such a wonderful experience. So I say thank you god for giving us the technologies to do such wonderful things for great people. So next time anyone has bad thought about getting help to conceive. Think before your speak! If your Jealous just admit it we understand.

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