Thursday, April 24, 2008

Growing so fast

So we made our first family trip this past weekend. I was so nervous about taking them to a strange place for the weekend, But everything went great. I threw a baby shower for my best friend in Grand Junction which is about a 4 hour drive. The babies were wonderful. They slept great at a strange house and even did well with all the people there on Saturday. My sister took Collin and Gracie over night on Saturday. It was so nice to have just one baby. Don't get me wrong I missed the other 2 like crazy. Aaron and I both went to bed with something tugging on our hearts. Needless to say we were so glad to go pick them back. All in all it was a great trip. We definitely will be making more trips this summer.

Gracie is Miss Independent she will be the first to do it all. The other day I found her on all fours and rocking back in forth. This means we will have a crawler soon. Although I can't wait for them to be mobile I am sure I will regret saying that some day. LOL She is cutting her bottom 2 teeth, they haven't made it through yet but there working on it. She figures she will out do the boys and get both at once. She finally is sleeping through the night now yayyyy me. Although we had to put her in a different room then the boys. We had to let her cry it out, she has learned to put her own binky back in so we leave 3 or 4 in her crib so she can find one easily.

Blaine is our eater. He loves his food and will eat anything. I think that he may pass up Collin here soon weight wise. He is taller then Collin now but not quit as chunky yet. He is our most active one when it comes to playing. He loves his walker and he takes it very serious. He chases anything that moves in the house and if he wants something he knows exactly how to get to it. He thinks everything is a Jumper when he is standing on you he will start bouncing like you are going to make him bounce. He has his first tooth and he wasn't grumpy when it came through so we will See how the next one goes.

Collin is my lazy little man. He will sit in his toys and look around but doesn't do much beyond that. Lately he has been running a fever hopefully do to teething. He also has one of his bottom teeth. I think he is getting the other one because he has been a grumpy boy lately which is so out of character for him. It so cute to see him smile with his little tooth showing. I am so in love with all of them.

I can't believe they are already 7 months old it felt like yesterday they were still in my tummy..

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Kristin said...

I love Collin's cookie face. Blaine cracks me up in his walker. Watch out Rocko! I'm afraid Gracie will be just like you as a teenager, but at least you already know all the tricks. They are all so beautiful and it does seem like yesterday that you were preggo.