Monday, April 7, 2008

Jibber Jabber

Well I have to say that my house gets louder and louder everyday. As they get bigger more noise comes out of them. I can't say that I mind though it is rather cute.. Solid food is going well Blaine and Gracie will eat just about anything, Collin on the other hand is a little picky but if you encourage him, he does a lot better. They all got there first teething cookie the other day and absolutely loved it. Collin did not know what to think of it and gagged a little but the second time we tried it he was ok with it.

I cannot wait for summer to be here. We have a nice back yard and I can't wait to hang in it. I want the babies to be able to wear all there cute summer clothes and hang outside. I feel Like we have been cooped up in this house for ever. This summer we will have more visitors and be able to go do a lot more. In 2 weeks I am taking the babies to Grand Junction with me so I can throw my friend Jess a Baby shower. My husband keeps asking why I don't just leave them here, But I can't find the heart to do that. I can imagine myself getting separation anxiety and maybe a little sick to my stomach without them. So call me crazy but we are packing up and going. I am definitely nervous about it. They do not do well sleeping other places but I am going to do my best to bring what makes them feel comfortable. I am sure I will have lots of help there.

I am looking forward to meeting my best friend Kristin's Son for the first time, And seeing my sweet little Kylie. Kristin was there when I had my babies and I was there for her first. Nickolas is almost 5 months old now and I still have yet to meet him I can't wait. After all him and My little Gracie have an arranged marriage. LOL

Anyways I am loving being back in Colorado being near family is very important to me. I want my babies to grow up with a cousin near by and Grandma and Pa Pa a 10 min drive away. Although I do wish Aaron's parents were closer so they could get to know them as well. I am so blessed have such wonderful people in my life, and a husband that I love very much although he can be a pain in my ass at times. I feel like I have 4 kids instead of 3 but that's what makes my life so fun.

Well until the next time.......

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Kristin Bentley said...

Yayyy! Can't wait. Love you guys!