Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Election


So this year I have been paying very close to the election. This is a very important year. This not only depicts my future but also the future for my children. I have not missed a debate and read everything I can, to keep me up to date. I am a person who doesn't believe in pushing politics or religion on people. But I do ask if you are going to vote Please pay attention to the election. Don't vote if you haven't. There are so many people who vote do to ignorance. There are so many true and false things flying out of control. So if you don't know something for sure research it, do not believe it unless you know for 100% sure that it is indeed true.

I am getting myself so worked up over this whole thing. I am personally for Obama. I have nothing personal against McCain I just weigh out what i want more in my president. I am not going to stope as low as a lot of people and talk shit about McCain just because I am not voting for him. I think people are voting for the wrong reasons. Look at what your candidate is offering, Don't look at his skin color or his religion or where he is from. Ask your self what you personally want.
And if you are going to throw things out there, Then at least be able to back them up.

Here are some facts:

John McCain and the troops:

US troops overseas contributed six times as much to Barack Obama as they did
to John McCain;

McCain has voted against increasing veterans benefits ten times since 2003,

and despite his multimillion dollar fortune, accepts a yearly $58,000 veterans
disability check while opposing an Obama supported bill to give all veterans
more benefits;

John McCain has also said the VA should stop treating routine medical

has suggested bringing back the draft,

and receives a score of 20 out of 100 from the Disabled Veterans of America,
while Obama gets an 80 out of 100.

Our troops support Barack Obama's Iraq policy over John McCain's by thirty
percentage points,

and 70.6% of US military donations last spring went to candidates in favor of
withdrawing from Iraq.

Blue Star Families for Obama:
Vote Vets:
Vote Vets video:
Veterans for Obama:
Veterans for Obama video:


For further fact checking information about Sen Barack Obama, please check

Barack Obama will not say the Pledge Of Allegiance: FALSE

Barack Obama National Anthem stance:

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