Sunday, October 19, 2008


I just developed a new website. . It is still a work in progress but it does have a great forum board set up. when you get to the main page click on homepage and it will take you to the forum. I know a lot of you already belong to a bunch of other sites. but I am trying to make this forum for everyone including grand parents and nannies. There is a for sale section that you do not have to pay for to post in.
I am working on adding pages for different resources to help HOM families.
In order to see the forum you have to be a member to do so. I don't want people to be able to steel photos or any kind of information posted. I also have to aprove every member.
As this board grows, Which I hope it does. I will be adding alot more.
You can post pictures and videos. Please sign up Introduce your self and I want this board to be fun. Feel free to tell great stories, brag or ask any questions.


Thanks LeAnn

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