Thursday, October 30, 2008

just some updates

Ok So I haven't just wrote anything in a while. So here goes. The kids are definitely becoming more work. They are all walking and getting into every thing.
How is it that you can sweep, vacuum, clean clean and more clean and they still manage to find the one little thing on the ground pick it up and put it in there mouth. And now when I go to take it out they bite down. OWWWWWW!

I am looking forward to taken the kids out for Halloween. We are taking them to an assisted living home in the morning and then to the mall in the evening. It should be lots of fun. They are all going to be little tigers. and as far as i am concerned they are the cutest tigers EVER.

Gracie- She is such a little fire cracker. She talks all the time in her own little language and is very giving. She will go dig every toy out of the toy box and bring it to you. It used to be she would act like she was giving it to you and then pull it back and walk away. Her hair is growing out of control, but I am not cutting it until she is 5. She is such a doll.

Blaine- He is my lover. He gives hugs every chance he get. He actually hugged Gracie for the first time yesterday. It made me cry it was the sweetest moment. He is the cutest to watch when it comes to him walking. He walks every where but still concentrates very hard at it. He always has the biggest smile.

Collin- He has become our little handful. He is very demanding. If he doesn't get his way he lets you know. He is so loving when it comes to his dad and I but he does not like is brother and sister. If they even touch him he screams. He is still our giggler. His knew nickname is pig pin. He eats with his fist and not his fingers. SO he wears more then he eats and it smears all over his face.

I fall in love with them more and more each day, if thats even possible. As much work as they are it is all worth every smile and giggle and hug.

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