Thursday, January 29, 2009

Running, Running and Running

They all have runny noses, It feels like it is a loosing battle on cleaning snot from little faces. I feel so bad for them. They can't drink there milk without having a hard time breathing. We have humidifiers going and rubbing lots of Vick's each night. I guess I will have to come to terms with, When one gets it they all get it. So between snotty noses and all three cutting molars, It has been a blast in our house! Poor little Collin has taken a beating lately. Two nights ago I smashed his little finger in the pantry door. I had no idea he was behind my with his fingers in the crack. Once I realized what i did, It was immediate tears for both of us. I felt so horrible. It swelled up and turn almost purple, I really thought I broke his little finger. In the end he was OK. Then the very next morning he fell and hit his cute little face on a plastic tote. Blood starting coming from the mouth and the nose. I just felt so horrible. Poor little guy, Lets hope that the only thing that happens today is me wiping his nose. Lately I have noticed that when one gets hurt the other two are very concerned. Gracie was rubbing Collins leg and then kissed him on the nose after Mommy hurt his finger. It was the cutest moment EVER! Gracie and Blaine are also into giving each other hugs and kisses. It melts me every time. Collin is the only one that doesn't show much affection towards his brother and sister. I can hardly believe they are pushing 17 months old. They are really starting to learn right from wrong. Even though they no it is wrong to dig all the trash out of the trash can. They still do it, and when they get caught there faces get the look of guilt. Every stage of there little life so far has so many different challenges. Here is an adorable picture I took just the other day in one of there cute moments
I also took a cute video of all of them dancing. It is there favorite thing to do these days..


Anonymous said...
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Jessica said...

they are soooo cute!